Ideal for the garden, the garden container

We have over 30 years of experience in the demountable container market. In this period we have gathered a lot of information about the needs from our customers. We are constantly improving our product to satisfy new needs.

This small garden container is ideal for the smallest storage problems. This container can be completely modified to suit your needs. Furthermore, the container can be produced in all RAL colors.

The garden container

The garden container is only available in the size 1.5 x 2.2 meters, but because of this small size it has many advantages. For example, this container can be placed just about anywhere to efficiently create more storage space.

There are other advantages to this container, namely that this container comes with two accessories. The ramp and two racking kits are specially made for this container and fit exactly in the kit. This also makes it easy to move this package with a forklift and you can easily move the packages.

Customization is also possible with us. Is your desired size not listed here? Please contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities with you. You can also choose a door type with us, to provide your container with a door in the right place. The choices are: double door on the short side, single door on the short side, double door on the long side or a single door on the long side.

The many benefits of the garden container

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    Available in every colour

    Our standard garden containers can be produced in every RAL classic colour, to match your company or enviroment,

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    The demountable container can easily be moved using a forklift or a crane

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    Easy assembly

    The container can easily be assembled using only light weight tools. The container can also easily get dis-assembled

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    The garden container comes with racks and an acces ramp.


The garden container can be used for various applications such as an alternative to a garden house. Furthermore, the garden container can be used as a storage for motorcycles and accessories. The container can even be used as a night delivery locker to still receive packages when you yourself are not present.

Furthermore, the container can be easily set up in different places. Whether it is the backyard, in a business park or in a parking lot. Because of the disassembly it is easy to build up the container in one of these locations.

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