Modular constructions, realized with the office unit

We have over 30 years of experience in the storage market and in the last few years have diversified into the office and residential space. We have therefore produced this demountable office unit to provide our customers with insulated storage or additional office space.

The office unit is the perfect solution if you are looking for an insulated solution to your storage or office space problem. This unit is also available in all RAL colors. Another big advantage is that you are flexible in the construction, you can choose where the window and door panels are placed.

Available sizes

The office unit is available in these standard sizes:

  • 2×2 meters
  • 3×2 meters
  • 4×2 meters

The office unit can also be linked together to create a larger storage space in this way. These are some examples of the possibilities:

  • 3×4 meters
  • 4×4 meters

Customization is also possible with us. Is your desired size not listed here? Please contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities with you. We have a number of standard options for the office unit, because the unit is demountable you can choose where to place the door and window panels during assembly. In addition, much more is possible to build the ideal unit for you, ask us about the possibilities.

In addition, it is also possible to have an air conditioner that cools and heats installed by us. This also gives you instant power connections in your unit.

The many benefits of the office unit

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    Available in every colour

    Our standard office units can be produced in every RAL classic colour, to match your company or enviroment,

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    Easy to assemble

    The container is easy to assemble with only simple tools

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    Fully insulated

    The office unit is fully insulated and features movable window and door panels. You can therefore decide where the windows and doors will be installed.

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    After and before building the office unit, you can easily move it with a forklift or with a crane.


An office unit from FOCOcontainers can be used for many different applications. For example, it is possible to keep things isolated in the office unit. But, what the unit is better suited for is to create additional office space, which can easily be expanded in modules. This can be very useful for example on a construction site where a temporary break room is needed or on a business park that is looking for a flexible space solution.

Of course, the unit can also be used to create living space in a cheap and solid way. Space that can be heated and cooled as desired.

Take a look at our assembly video

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